Friends of Lancaster Cemetery

a volunteer conservation and green space improvement group

registered charity number 1203617

Our aims

The Friends of Lancaster Cemetery is a registered charity with a number of ambitions as we work alongside Lancaster City Council in the management and improvement of the city's historic Lancaster Cemetery on Quernmore Road. We are a volunteer  conservation and green space improvement group who, working together with the council, are committed to bring improvements in whatever way we can to the cemetery. 

The cemetery is a wonderful and peaceful green space with a long and interesting history. It is full of stories and has quiet reflective spaces. You can sit and think or wander and catch a glimpse of the varied wildlfe that lives here. But we want more for it.

Our aim is to help improve this space for the people of our city and beyond. We wish to make it a place full of  peaceful quiet corners where people have time to themselves if they want to pay respects to those passed. But we also  want it to be a vibrant cultural and community resource with storytelling, music, theatre, fun activities, opportunities for learning and more. And we are really keen to establish the cemetery further as a wildlife haven. 

We undertake tasks such as litter picking, general tidying, pathway and flowerbed maintenance and other practical jobs in order to help the cemetery look cared for. We also have in our group someone who knows the history of the cemetery inside out and can conduct tours showing notable points of interest.  And we have some ambitious plans, such as opening up one of the lodges for visitor use and to put on exhibitions, music and spoken word performances and displays etc. 

We are a small group but growing and all of us have an interest in Lancaster Cemetery being improved and used as a wonderful community resource. If you're likeminded and think you could help with this exciting project, we would love to hear from you. So please get in touch with us. The contact link is at the bottom of the page.

 Our intentions 

Green space

To improve the  green space of Lancaster Cemetery, making it a pleasant and welcoming space for people.


To assist in the conservation of  the unique cemetery heritage for the present and future residents of Lancaster district.


To make Lancaster Cemetery a focus for community events and personal opportunities.


To enhance wildlife habitats and encourage ecological diversity. 


Get in touch

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